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Comment 1 posted by knopper (HIDDEN) on Sun Jun 30 12:52:12 2013
This is the blind-friendly, talking version of KNOPPIX.
See for more information.

Changes in ADRIANE-KNOPPIX 7.2.0f vs 7.2.0 (1.7.2013):

- NTFS-Mounts of NTFS partitions in sleeping state ("Quickstart")
now also show a dialog with options "read-only" or
"remove hiberfile". Because of that, easy access to NTFS partitions
is again possible in the simple ADRIANE file manager.
- Fixed text window size in the KNOPPIX flash disk installer,
installation to usb flashdisk works again from the ADRIANE
"settings" menu.
- Reordered template-based setting of email accounts in mutt,
editor nano with word-wrap.

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